tool reviews

Without tools, there is no creativity. Like a writer needs a pen to write, painters need brushes to paint, sculptors need hammers to design and so does creativity needs tools in order to create.

There are many sites which give a detailed description of various tools that can be used for different purposes, along with their prices and their specifications. These reviews about tools may help people who are into DIYs to select the right tools for their specific projects.

Here are the top five-tool reviews which every artisan or DIYs enthusiast should know.

tool reviews

Screwdrivers and its Types

Most of the people know about screwdrivers and its usage, but how many of them know about their different types? They’re six types of screwdrivers which are most useful to drill different screw heads into their right place. They are known as The Flat Head (Slotted Head), Phillips, Pozridriv, Torx, Square (or Robertson) and Hex (or Hexagon) screwdrivers. All these screwdrivers can be differed only by their tip shape.

Different types of Screw heads

There are thirteen different types of screw heads that need the above six screwdrivers as mentioned above, in order to fix them. These screws though have different heads, have quite a similar purpose, but in order to select the right screwdriver, one should know about the different types of screws. Some types of screws are wood, concrete, masonry, double-ended (dowel), drive, drywall, and chipboard screws.

tool reviews

Different types of Drills

Drills as we all know are used to create a hole on the wall or a piece of wood with much effort but a minority of the population know about the different types of drills. In total there are seven different categories under which drills are divided based on their purpose like hand, power, cordless, electric, hammer, school and emergency drills.

These are some of the most basic yet unknown tool reviews and facts which a DIY enthusiast should know in order to carve his creation to perfection.

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