Gentlemanfield is a platform which answers all questions pertaining to the woes of a man. While they focus on a variety of topics, the platform is most used by men to get answers to their relationship problems. But, what if you have no idea to understand only if a woman is interested in you or not? There’s nothing to worry, as Gentlemanfield has a 10 ways guide to help a man figure out if a woman is interested in him or not.


The best three ways are – 

  1. The girl tries to find opportunities to talk to you

If a woman initiates a conversation, then it is safe to assume that she is interested in you. Women are not exactly known to be conversation starters, but if they do, then don’t let go of the golden opportunity as this indicates that she is way more interested in you than you thought

  1. The girl does anything to have an eye contact

In a romantic situation, women are always smarter than men and to figure out how the man in question feels about her, a woman goes to any extent to share an eye contact. And if you find yourself in a situation sharing an eye contact with a woman, be assured that she is interested in you

  1. The girl tries to figure out if you are in a relationship

If a woman tries to enquire about your relationship status and passes on the information about her being single and available, there is no more validation that she is completely interested in you and looking for an opportunity to start something with you.

So, men gear up and turn on your radars and use the Gentlemanfield guide to figure out if the woman you are interested in is interested in you or not.

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