Improve the Performance of Your gaming PC

Do you feel that your gaming PC is no more the beast of a machine it was in its glory days? Is it struggling to keep up with the requirements for the newer games? Don’t worry! We have a few hacks to improve the performance of your gaming PC

Have a maintenance schedule

Improve the Performance of Your gaming PC

The most oversight problem which leads to PCs slowing down is improper maintenance. Due to which, bloatware gets installed, hardware related issue come up, components become out-dated. Eventually, games do not run the way they used to previously.

To have your rig in the optimal condition, create a maintenance schedule for defragmentation to your hard disk, keep your windows drivers up-to-date, monitor installed applications (for potential bloatware), and install latest updates from Nvidia or AMD for your GPU.

Optimize Hardware upgrade:

Mostly when a PC starts to slow down on its performance, a change of component might provide an immediate difference for the necessary results, instead of going for complete PC change. But the problem is to understand which parts to change. The major components that usually need overhaul are: 

Improve the Performance of Your gaming PC
  • Storage: As the current games are massive in size and require high-speed data transfer, consider switching from traditional Disks to SSDs
  • RAM: In case your gameplay stutters, it is time for a RAM upgrade as your RAM is slightly below the minimum requirement for the game. In case of 4 GB ram and an extra slot, while the minimum requirement for the game is 6 GB, then add a new 4 GB DIMMS RAM in the extra slot.
  • Graphics Card: It is the primary difference that separates a gaming PC from standard PCs

Overclock your Rig

Nowadays overclocking in another technique to boost your PC for higher performance. It is no more a rocket science and can be achieved with a few clicks of mouse button. Nvidia GeForce Experience or AMD Gaming Evolved is the native applications for Nvidia or AMD GPUs respectively to start overclocking. Now that you will be able to improve the performance of your gaming PC. Get some frags, gamer!! 

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