Homeowners are not familiar with real meaning of home improvements that are not limited to plumbing, electric wiring, and at the most remodeling. There are few home improvement related issues, more important compared to common improvements, that are often overlooked by most homeowners. Basement and crawlspace, although crucial, are most overlooked structures because these structures are constructed for the purpose of storage, equipment installations, plumbing lines and ducking. People usually think that guests coming to their home won’t have access to these structures and thus, they don’t need any decoration.

Why ameri-dry waterproofing is recommended

In many American homes, basement is usually an unfinished or partially finished portion of the home. This would be okay unless it is to be used for some specific purpose, but its strengthening and water proofing is still needed. Any incongruity in basement structure can directly affect foundation of the building, making its structure feeble. Some invisible improvements are more important than visible improvements. One such invisible improvement is basement waterproofing that can bring comfort for a homeowner and safety of the building foundation and erected structure on it. Just temporary waterproofing is no good for the structure, but permanent waterproofing like ameri-dry waterproofing is the appropriate basement treatment method.

Advantages of ameri-dry waterproofing

Permanent basement waterproofing to strengthen building foundation has four major advantages.

  • It always keeps the basement dry
  • It reduces risk of flooding
  • It reduces overall moisture preventing development of mold
  • It protects home foundation and thus, entire building structure

Ameri-dry waterproofing approach

Ameri-dry waterproofing uses a special approach to basement waterproofing through its proprietary, permanently dry waterproofing solutions that offers structural warranty forever. The company has an experience of over 35 years to set wet basement and crawlspace problems. Ameri-dry has been recognized as America’s trusted waterproofing service that operates in many east locations of the country. The company stands to its promise of permanent Waterproofing and Structural Repair Solutions backed by a full life of the structure warranty.

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