butterfly necklace

This spring and summer has seen the revival of a great many trends from the late 90’s/early 2000’s era. Butterflies, in particular, seem to have found a way to flutter back into the fashion trends in a major way. Both the runway and mainstream fashion have seen a huge revival of the butterfly prints, motifs and butterfly embellished pieces.

Major fashion houses have incorporated butterflies in their dress designs this season. While some have included butterfly details on their clothes in the form of beading designs, colour or the silhouette made to look like butterfly wings, others have gone with butterflies in intricate details and designs for their finale looks.

butterfly necklace

Following the runway trends, the butterfly motif has managed to trickle down into the mainstream fashion. Be it in the form of an embellished design on a glitter crop top, a print on tees, on dresses, on blouses, on skirts, on men’s and women’s shirts, and even on a men’s suit jacket, the trend can be seen in every store you come across while out shopping this season.

For those who are hit by that 90’s nostalgia or are in love with this trend and want to incorporate it into their wardrobe without going about it in a big way, there are delicate butterfly necklaces or even dainty butterfly pendants which can either be worn as standalone pieces or creatively layered with other pieces to create a unique personal style. Other accessories to look out for include butterfly shaped rings, gold hairclips, earrings, embellished purses, and printed socks, scarves etc.

butterfly necklace

With a number of ways to wear this trend and its versatility in being able to be styled intensely or subtly, it is clear that butterflies will remain a top trend for both this spring and summer. The migration of the butterfly themed pieces to both stores and our wardrobes is definite this year.

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