Health Hazards You Face by Sitting in One Place for too Long

People these days spend their whole day in doing just onething that is sitting whether it is home, office or commuting. Today people’slifestyle is changing because of advancing technology. The result of all thisadvancement is the time everyone is spending sitting. It is also known as“being sedentary”. If you look up to the daily routine Continue Reading

Milestones Achieved in the Field of Medicine: The New Generation!

Technology is the new God of the 21st century. While20th century saw a considerable decreasein the number of deaths catering to the breakthroughs in the field of medicine,today, things have changed. Here, you will bewalked through some of the recent milestones achieved in the medicalfield which will change how you look at pathological industries. Unveil Continue Reading

Deadly Disease Out breaks of the New Millennium That Threatened Humanity!

According to the Press Release issued by World Health Organization,nearly 17 million people die every year succumbing to infectious diseases. Perday, survey results note the death rate for humans which is as big as 50,000. As a fact,in the past 20 years, 30 new infectious diseases were discovered. Most millennials today are suffering from one Continue Reading

Amazing Medical Advances that Changed the Course of History

When it comes to medical advancements, it takes a significantamount of time to leave a mark on history. However, recent medical advancementshave witnessed an entire contrasting scenario in research, innovations, andimprovement of patients’ lives. Additionally, this progression in medicine has shaken the foundation of previous theories and has opened a new horizon in this field. Continue Reading

Why are Publishing Medical Journals in the World Platform Important?

Medicaljournals are a record of all medicinal research aimed to communicate withphysicians, health specialists, clinicians etc. The chief objective of publishing it is to create a common platform forremedies universally and help doctors to practice medicine efficaciously. Well, here lies the importance of a medical journal which physician must publish to keep a note on Continue Reading