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Thailand has a four-tier school education system; early childhood (KG) for the children aged 4-6 years; elementary for the children aged 7-12; lower-secondary for children aged 13-15; upper-secondary for children aged 16-18. Early childhood level is variable, typically Anuban 1-3; elementary level is Prathom 1-6; lower-secondary level is Matthayom 1-3; upper-secondary level is Matthayom 4-6.

best international school Bangkok

Free schooling in Thailand

Higher education starts after these four stages of school education, which has a variability of age. The fifteen years of education up to the upper-secondary level is basic education, which is free as per the Thai government’s mandate. The Ministry of Education governs the entire school education system by enacted laws. Education in Thailand is not compulsory, but a mandate of free basic education in the Thai schools is compelling parents to educate their children. Money doesn’t matter because public schools in the country offer free basic education to the children. You may check about the free education in the best international school Bangkok to enroll your child there.

School-based management (SBM) in Thailand

best international school Bangkok

Thai’ philosophy of sufficiency economy’ is interpreted in a particular way, where education is essential for sustainable development. A significant role has been played by this concept to shape the country’s economy. The integration of the National Education Act and the National Economic and Social Development Plan is a significant effort to improve the country’s economic development. A series of education reforms were introduced in 1995, and the period of 1995-1997 remained crucial for education. A reform aimed at overpowering a philosophical disaster in the education system was responsible for introducing the School-based management (SBM) in Thailand in 1997.

The result

Thailand excelled in the field of education, even though schooling is not compulsory in this country. It is all because of the Thai government’s significant efforts in the field of education. The Thai economy is growing because people took advantage of the government’s efforts for education.

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