The prospect of spirituality and Tattvas are contained to the confines of several higher energies. When it comes to explaining what Rudrabhishekam is, it conveys that everything is Shiva and is contained within the Shiva Tattva. It further suggests that everything is within the confines of the Shiva Tattva.

It believes in the fact that everything that is moving or is even dormant is under the Shiva Tattva. According to the Rudram, it suggests “Vanchate parivanchate sthayunaam-pataye namo namaha”. The phrase literally then translates to the fact that Lord Shiva is the one residing within ourselves and is the presiding Lord and Master of everything.

  • According to the Shiva Tattva, it is believed that the same is present in all the plants, trees, birds, animals, and all the living beings. What this entails is the fact that the Rudrabhisekam or the Shiva Tattva is the divinity which is not just eternal but omnipresent in not just everyone but everything in creation.
  • Towards the end of the Rudrabhisekam, the prayers entail as the fact that we pray to Lord Shiva that we have everyone blessed under their enchanting blessings. It further emphasizes on making everything becomefavorable as well as pleasing for us. It also focuses on promoting Lord Shiva to conceal his fearful forms and instead bless them with his pleasing and benevolent form.

Rudra Abhisekam is often preached and practiced by a number of disciples and followers all throughout to promote better worshipping of Lord Shiva. The form of Shiva Tattva has been found to have beneficial impacts in helping bless everyone around with happiness and health. It projects the blessings onto the animals as well and helps prevent the risks associated with Ghora Rupa which helps boost one’s life with peace and happiness all the more.

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