People these days spend their whole day in doing just onething that is sitting whether it is home, office or commuting. Today people’slifestyle is changing because of advancing technology. The result of all thisadvancement is the time everyone is spending sitting. It is also known as“being sedentary”.

If you look up to the daily routine you will find that you are spending the largest part of your day sitting. After waking up in the morning, you sit down for breakfast, then again you sitting in the car or any mean of transport to commute to work, and then you spend your entire day in sit at work. The same things repeat in the evening when you relax while coming back from work, and have dinner while sitting down and then AGAIN surf the internet or watch television SITTING on the couch.

Sitting for a long time can kill you

Have you ever thought that sitting like this for a long time can harmful for you?

If not then you must be shocked to know that sitting in one place for a long time can kill you. Yes, you read the correct thing. Sitting can kill you.

A lot of studies conducted and published in the past few years have proved that sitting in one place for a long time can bring a lot of health hazards that can leadyou to early death. This discussion is going to highlight some of the significant health issues caused by sitting fora long time.

So, just read it carefully so that you can protect yourself from them.

  1. Rising risk of type II diabetes

For a long time studies on the causes of diabetes are taking place. However, things have changed as the number of people who have diabetes has increased in the recent years. Recently conducted studies have shown that people who walk less or spend most of their time sitting are at high risk of having type II diabetes. Sitting for a long time without moving increases unhealthy blood sugar level and disability of producing insulin causes type II diabetes.

  1. Causes heart diseases

Doctors find it strange when they compared a similar group of drivers who have to sit for a long time along with the guard and the conductor who doesn’t have to sit for a long time. Even though they are following a similar lifestyle as well as the diet but compared to guard,and conductors drivers have the high risk of getting heart diseases.

  1. Sitting can slow down your metabolism
Young woman having back pain while sitting at desk in office

Sitting for a long time at one place can slow down your metabolism. A person who has an active lifestyle who moves around has a proper metabolism. When you don’t move for a long time, it will automatically slowdown your metabolism.

Other health hazards

Other health hazards of sitting for a long time include –

•    Back and neck pain

•    Shorter life span

•    Dementia

•    The possibility of DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis

•    Obesity

•    Anxiety

The only way to prevent you from all these health hazards is not to sit for a long time. Take the small break and move around or take short walks whenever possible.

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