A gene is a unit of the DNA which contains the genetic information of the parent passed to an offspring. Now, a meme is the cultural coequal of a gene. Both being concepts of imitation and leading to the evolution of human beings.


The social media has broadened its base over the years and since then there have been a lot of innovations and updates. Many new phones designed, many new apps developed, just to facilitate human beings with the best technology available. 

The technology available today has a very interesting and peculiar feature, which allows people to share, share almost anything, from pictures to texts to funny memes. When you share a meme on social media, you always reach out to a target audience which will find the content relatable. The upsurge of social media is what has led to the increase in number of sharing memes.

Many social media memes target a kind of demographic. Since the adolescents and post-adolescents are in impressive number, there may be funny memes made for their entertainment on the social media site which would lead them to share it with their friends, formulating a whole network of relating and sharing.


The millennial culture has further enhanced this use of jokes on the social media platform. There are varied forms of memes too now, for example: dank memes, dark memes etc., or any joke which pokes fun or ridicule a certain kind of human behavior. These memes can be either photographs, captioned photographs, GIFs, stickers etc. 

Memes which are humorous and have a shock value curiosity will continue to grab more attention than the philosophical and deep memes as the prior is much easier to understand. But seeing the progressively growing lineage of memes, there can be a meme-worthy evolution caused by the social media. Check out https://memesfeel.com/ for the funny memes.

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