There are a lot of controversies about the application of lash extensions that are used as a beauty aid. They add extra charm to your eyes that your natural eyelashes can’t sometimes provide. The gluing of an extension, that looks like a natural one, to your natural lash is definitely an attempt to make your face look more attractive than in its natural form, but it may sometimes be harmful.

Problem with lash extensions

Where’s the problem with the added extensions to your natural lashes? The problem may arise due to the use of an animal or synthetic material that may cause an allergic reaction to some users, not all. The problem may also arise due to an adhesive used when it is applied in excess. However, it’s quite easy and safe to remove the extension. You may sometimes be worried how long the lash extensions will last but it’s not a major problem. Though the period varies because of several factors, yet it is something between 2-6 months. However, the touch-ups may be required at salons every three weeks, but it’s not a problem.

lash extensions

When you spoil your lash extensions

The best advice would be never to rely on bad extensions to maintain safety and durability. There may be instances when you spoil your extensions. It may be during your sleep when you forget that you have an artificial lash and rub it which shortens its life. If you lie face-down, you may also be shortening its life. Much depends on you how you maintain your extensions.

Lash extensions are recommended provided you’re careful with its use

The pros and cons of using lash extensions let you decide whether to use them or not because your right choice and maintenance can make it a good beauty aid for you unless you really think that it has no worth for your facial aesthetic. It is still a recommended product for you provided you’re careful with its use.

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