Rick and Morty made its debut back in the year 2013 and gained a lot of popularity instantly. This adult science fiction animation show has a huge fan base worldwide. All credit goes to the funny characters which keep the audience hooked to the show. If you haven’t watched Rick and Morty then you should immediately log into Rickandmortyonline.net and start watching the episodes online. Having said that, now let’s check out some of the interesting things that you should know about the animation.

What do you need to know about the animation?

Here are a few things which you probably didn’t know about the show.

1.    It took only 6 hours to write the pilot

There is no doubt that Rick and Morty is a masterpiece of a show but it didn’t take much time to give shape to the story. In fact, it took only 6 hours for Justin Rolland and Dan Harmon to spin an awesome story for the pilot episode.

2.    Have you noticed the blue and pink alien character

If you have all the episodes of Rick and Morty, you must have noticed the strange looking blue and pink alien character. It has appeared in many of the episodes in the show.

3.    The main characters of the show are based on Doc Brown and Marty Mcfly

If you find the relationship of Rick and Morty to be familiar then you are right. The characters are inspired by the popular sci-fi duo Marty Mcfly and Don Brown.

4.    Justin wanted to destroy the earth in every episode

It may come as very strange to you but writer Justin Roland wanted to destroy at the end of every Rick and Morty’s episode. However, the idea was not appreciated by others.

If you like to watch Rick and Morty, you can find more such interesting facts about the show on the net.

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