lactulose breastfeeding

A newborn baby feeding on her mother’s breast milk maintains a nutritional attachment with the mother. Breast milk is the primary source of nutrition for a baby that influences his growth. When nursing mom is taking healthy foods, their benefits are passed on to the baby. He also faces the challenges faced by her mom. If a nursing mom suffers from some medical condition, it also affects the baby.

lactulose breastfeeding

Constipation and laxatives

Constipation is a common condition in many women after delivery that may momentarily be due to some foods, or it is chronic constipation sometimes. The relief from constipation is possible through the use of laxatives or purgatives. Lactulose belongs to a class of drugs called laxatives. Lactulose is a commonly used osmotic laxative, as it is beneficial to relieving constipation. Lactulose is usually available in liquid form for oral consumption that works by breaking down in the bowel into ingredients that let water from the body move into the bowel, and softens the stool, facilitating its excretion out of the anus. It is also available in a tablet form. One form of lactulose is made for insertion directly into the rectum through the anal hole.

Why is lactulose a safe laxative for breastfeeding moms

lactulose breastfeeding

It is better to avoid medication by a breastfeeding mom for constipation. Lactulose is a safe laxative for pregnant and breastfeeding women. You cannot treat it medicine because it is typically a stool facilitator substance. You can know more about lactulose use and safety during breastfeeding online using the keyword “lactulose breastfeeding.” You can use a lactulose solution safely in the recommended dose without consulting your doctor. Lactulose is sold over the counter as an OTC laxative. However, a prescription is required in a few countries to purchase this laxative. It is a sweet syrup that tastes good. It has no known side-effects for mother and baby.

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