Technology is the new God of the 21st century. While20th century saw a considerable decreasein the number of deaths catering to the breakthroughs in the field of medicine,today, things have changed. Here, you will bewalked through some of the recent milestones achieved in the medicalfield which will change how you look at pathological industries.

Unveil the turning point of medical science in the 21st century –

  • Artificial kidney and Liver

Japan added a feather in their cap when they created a functional liver in laboratories. They infused IPS cells (pluripotent stem cells) in the body of a mouse and built a working organ.

BBC later reported another unique fact where a laboratory in the USA artificially produced a human kidney which could pass urine.

Thus, with these unique breakthroughs, chances of replicating human organs are increasing; which means, death toll will reduce considerably.

  • Functional MRI

Move over tarot cards and astrology, today functional MRI has made it possible to read minds. Scientists with the help of superior imaging techniques have made it possible to map the brain. Now, Functional MRI enables scientists to be Professor X, which means, they can look into the mind and track changes in functioning neurons, blood circulation,and brain cells. Thisallows them to predict and read minds.

  • Targeted therapy for Cancer

One recurring concern of patients while availing cancer treatments is damaging healthy tissues. However, the new era broughtabouttargetedtherapy for cancer. Previously, people with breast cancer required the elimination of breasts.

However, targeted therapy allows only targeting the cancer cells surrounding the tumour. This has paved way for reversing the mutation of malignant cells in future.

  • Face transplants

Remember JaqenH’ghar from Game of Thrones and his ability to change faces? Well, it’s no more fiction today as face transplants are indeed possible.

People suffering from facial disfigurations and accidents can go for a full-bodied face transplant. The first complete transplant noted was in Spain in2010, where 30 surgeons conducted this operation.

  • Preventive measures for heart diseases

The previous decade noted the fall in death rates occurring due to cardiovascular diseases. Today, doctors can get rid of heart blockages that prevented blood circulation. Better surgical procedures enable doctors to engineer tissue plasminogen activator in the blood vessel which prevents blockage. Moreover, new vesselsare replaced for the damaged arterywhich boosts survival rates in patients.

  • Advancement for HIV treatment!

The most deadly disease that takes away millions of life globally is AIDS. However, those diagnosed early with HIV positive may have a chance of survival. The latest Highly Active Antiretroviral Therapy improves the function of the immune system which increases longevity in humans.

  • Cyberknife procedures

Knife-wielding robots are createdtoday with a purpose. These are precise and more stable when it comes to conventional surgical methods.

Moreover, for treating malignant or benign tumours, these robots use high radiation treatment which helps in targeting infected cells. Thus, the chances of tissue damage are minimal.

With these essential milestones covered, more research is going onfor developing effective treatments for other deadly diseases.

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