You can build Summoners War raid team to generate your own team in this game. You may refer to any Summoners war website that lists different teams you may see when running a rift raid. You can try various winning combinations and make your own strategy that can work. You can easily find a team and select that can work well for you. When you refer to the best guide, you can find a comprehensive list of raid-viable monsters that gives option to pick the best monsters you need for a specific objective. 

The Summoners War best raid monsters to include 

The starting point is what monsters to include in the first raid team. The Summoners War best raid monsters will work best to make the selection. You can start step by step and make selection of the monsters: Colleen is the best to pick an Attack Debuffer; Mihyang, Bella, Chasum, Anavel, Ariel, Praha, and Amarna are strongly recommended to pick a Second Healer. Delphoi, Kona, Xiong Fei, and Perna have primarily other functions, but a weak heal; Darion, Xiong Fei, Bella, Stella, Tesa/Theo, Silver, Fuco/Rigel, Fire/Wind Monkey King, Brandia, and Homunculus are best choice to pick a Defense Breaker; Hwa, Fuco/Rigel, Copper/silver, Delphoi, Dona, Raviti, Argen, and Xiao Lin makes a choice to pick a Slow Debuffer; Lisa, Kona, Raviti, Delphoi, Dona, Jamie, Anavel/Amarna, Velajuel, and Fedora/Mihyang is pick a Cleanser choice; and Xiao Lin, Hwa, Tesarion, Ardella, Argen, Homunculus. Stella, Avaris, and Mihyang/Anavel are Add Damage choice. You should have at least monsters for your Front Line and a valid raid leader skill (Def, Res, Crit rate, and other skills. 

Forming raid team with Summoners War best raid monsters 

You have formed your raid team by selection of the Summoners War best raid monsters. You should have at least six monsters. If not, you should add damage dealers until you complete six monsters. You will definitely enjoy the game. 

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