Super Mario sunshine rom

There is no doubt that Super Mario is one of the most popular characters ever introduced in the gaming world. If you haven’t played Super Mario, you are seriously leading a sad life. From the time of its launch in 1985, the game has gained a lot of attention from players worldwide. Even after so many years, you can still come across people who love to play Super Mario. Well, that’s how crazy people are for the game. You can download Super Mario Sunshine Rom in order to start playing the game.

Why is Super Mario so popular?

The gaming world is literally incomplete without Super Mario. When you think about playing video games, one of the very first names that pop into your head is Super Mario. But why it is so popular? Let’s find out the reason today.

1.    Mario is different

In the world full of stereotypical protagonists, Mario is different. He is a middle-aged chubby plumber who is not only funny but also entertaining. His bland persona is the part of his main character appeal.

2.    Simple and easy to play game

Super Mario is one of the easiest games you will ever play. You don’t have to be a skilled gamer to play Super Mario. In other words, anyone can play this game without putting in much effort.

3.    Changing screens

Super Mario is one of the very first games that introduced people to changing screens. Unlike games like Pacman, the screen changed while playing the game.

4.    Interesting superpowers

Super Mario had unique and interesting superpowers. For example, the mushrooms that made him grow big or throw fireballs were loved by people.

Super Mario is a simple game but yet interesting. This is where it managed to win the hearts of many.

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