palo mayobe spirits

An old and mysterious form of religion which was initially the world’s most influential and frightening form of black magic. The religion is said to be emanated from‍ the African Congo and it was first brought to Cuba through the Spanish slave trade and later opened its wings in the USA as well. It is known as the Palo mayombe religion.

 palo mayobe spirits

The practitioners of this black magic art are known as the ’paleros’. And the religion is practiced in secret. It is not as organised as other existing religions with established houses of worship and a number of followers. Palo mayombe doesn’t have any place of worship or a fixed numbers of followers. Anyone and at anytime can practice this religion.

To bring this religion into action, that is, to actually practice the black magic, the practitioners will require body parts to worship. Any remains of the body part, can be used to enslave the spirit of the dead person which will commit the paleros sins as advised by them.

The spirits that the paleros contact or the palo mayombe spirits they call upon can be both ancestral or rooted and of the natural world as well. And these spirits contact through a directed medium. The goals and objectives of the paleros are completed through the darkness, as it is what allows and anchors them to the spirits.

 palo mayobe spirits

Although, Palo mayombe is not like other religions but it does have a set of rules and regulations which provide guidelines for the practitioners of the religion. If in any way the rules are compromised, the consequences can be really disturbing as it could lead to the spirits getting angered and hence leading to an unhappy situation.

The darkness and black magic are powerful medium which could help one to take control of their life completely but it can also end up in the exact opposite way too. So it is always important for the paleros to keep the palo mayombe spirits in their favour.

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