VW Campervan

Recreation vehicle (RV) or campervan is the primary choice of vacation travelers. Camper van is favorite of campers because this vehicle is equipped with kitchen equipments and has more space to transport and store camping accessories at the camping site. When you plan a camping trip, your plan is bigger and so are your needs because you would be setting a new home away from your home during camping where you will make cooking and other activities you do in your home. You cannot transport most items of your daily need in an ordinary vehicle and you also can’t store all items safely on a camping site.

Why VW Campervan is a recommended for campers

A camper van is the best choice for campers, and there’s nothing like owning or hiring a VW Campervan. Volkswagen makes People’s favorite camper van world’s bigger and better which is an extended version of camper van from any other manufacturer. The Volkswagen California is the world’s most renowned camper van. Since it is from the German vehicle makers, it has tough body, like other vehicles from German manufacturers. German vehicles are most selling and successful vehicles across the globe.

VW Campervan – ultimate choice of campers

The Volkswagen California is iconic camping vehicle. In VW Campervan segment, California XXL and then Grand California are the ultimate choice of people. The world-renowned Grand California is more spacious and additional amenities in the camper van lineup. When you are expecting an extra room with more investment in this vehicle, then this model would definitely be your favorite.

Grand California VW Campervan: A new concept

Grand California, the most recent in camper van series, follows the style and feel of the XXL concept camper van. The Volkswagen has created an affordability of plenty of natural light through roof, night skylight directly falling over the dinette and rear bed, widows on both back and sides, and classic flooring and upholstery in its extended concept. This really makes VW Campervan the favorite of campers.  

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