portable water flosser.

The mouth of a human being is as important as the other parts of the body, so it requires equal care and attention too. Brushing the teeth and cleaning of the tongue are what comes to the mind of people when the top of mouth care comes up, as people tend to forget flossing which is a very essential part of mouth care.

portable water flosser

Flossing removes plaque from the mouth, by preventing the buildup of plaque, the formation of tartar is also curbed. Flossing also helps remove excess food particles which are stuck between the teeth and are not visible to the naked eye, or in places where the toothbrush couldn’t reach. Flossing prevents tooth decay and ensures that the gums stay healthy.

In this growing era of innovation and invention, technology has created certain easier instruments for mouth care too. One such invention is the portable water flosser. This instrument enables the activity of flossing to be greatly feasible and workable.

There have been several comparisons drawn between dental floss and portable water flosser (PWF) and studies have shown that:

portable water flosser
  1. To diminish gingivitis PWF is 51% more effective than dental floss
  2. For removing plaque, PWF is 29% more effective than dental floss
  3. To reduce gingival bleeding, PWD is two times more efficient than dental floss.

The portable water floss comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, it is easier to use as it reduces the risks of bleeding gums and the portability adds a bonus to its use. People who don’t use dental floss and are starting to floss recently are recommended to use portable water floss as the use of regular dental floss can lead to the bleeding of the gums.

One should always be conscious of one’s dental health, as it is very crucial to keep your teeth happy as they decide the way of the food you consume!

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